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The GARF is dedicated to honoring the life work and cultural influence of George A. Romero, and supporting a new generation of filmmakers and artists inspired by his legacy.


The George A. Romero Horror Studies Center

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The University of Pittsburgh and George A. Romero Foundation are partnering together to create the George A. Romero Horror Studies Center. The Center will be a multidisciplinary academic center dedicated solely to horror studies. Click here to learn more.


Film Restorations


IndieCollect has been working hard to restore The Amusement Park. The GARF is delighted that thanks to your donations, we have raised roughly half of what we need to complete the project. We hope that the film will be ready by the end of the summer for a premier this fall and subsequent series of screenings throughout the United States. Click here to learn more.


george a. romero


The University Library System (ULS) at the University of Pittsburgh has acquired the archives of the late filmmaking pioneer George A. Romero. The collection is composed of three separate archives belonging to his widow Suzanne Desrocher-Romero, daughter Tina Romero and business partner and friend Peter Grunwald. His overall contributions will soon be accessible to allow scholars, students, filmmakers and fans worldwide. Click here to learn more.


romero lives


October 2019 marks the second annual Romero Lives celebration! Romero Lives is a coalition of 30+ Pittsburgh organizations that formed spontaneously in response to George A. Romero’s passing. Romero Lives’ partnering organizations will host events including screenings, lectures, and festivities, bringing together creative personnel from his past productions, and those inspired by his work, with the goal of making Pittsburgh the premiere destination for appreciating the horror master’s wide-ranging impact on American popular culture. Click here to learn more.


Pioneer Award




George A. Romero was a pioneer. In honor of George and his legacy, the GARF is pleased to present the George A. Romero Pioneer Award. Each year, the GARF will recognize pioneers in independent film and the horror genre both past and present. Specifically, the GARF will recognize the architects of independent film and horror as well those who are currently pushing the boundaries of filmmaking and storytelling. Recipients will be honored at an annual award ceremony and permanently featured on the GARF’s website. 

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“The very fact that you thought of it means that, somewhere in your mind, it’s believable to you. All you have to do is convince your audience that it’s possible." 

George A. Romero