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Living with the Dead: The Films of George A. Romero

  • Peter and Jay Sharp Building 30 Lafayette Ave Brooklyn, NY 11217 (map)

In 1968, George A. Romero (1940—2017) ushered in a new era in both independent and horror filmmaking with his era-defining debut Night of the Living Dead, a low-budget shock to the system that fused genre and sociopolitical critique to radical effect. Over the course of four influential decades, Romero would remain fiercely committed to his blazingly personal vision, imbuing his all-American nightmares with satiric and deadly serious commentaries on issues like race, capitalism, militarism, and government mistrust. In Romero’s films, the monsters are not the other—they are mirrors to examine our own society and humanity.

Special thanks to Richard P. Rubinstein, Romero’s longtime producer and collaborator, for helping to make this series possible.


Night of the Living Dead - February 22-28 (appearance by Suzanne Romero and Tina Romero on February 22)

Dawn of the Dead - February 23

Day of the Dead - February 23 - March 2 (appearance by Richard P. Rubinstein on Mar 2)

Land of the Dead - February 24

The Crazies - February 24 - March 1

Monkey Shines - February 24

Two Evil Eyes - February 25

Bruiser - February 25

Season of the Witch - February 26

There’s Always Vanilla - February 26

Diary of the Dead - February 27

Early Work, Industrial Films, and Documentaries - February 27

Survival of the Dead - February 28

The Dark Half - March 1

Creepshow - March 2 (appearance by Richard P. Rubinstein)

Knightriders - March 2 (appearance by Richard P. Rubinstein)

Martin - March 3 (appearance by Richard P. Rubinstein)

Dawn of the Dead 3D - March 3 (A special screening of the 3D version of Dawn of the Dead, adapted under the supervision of producer Richard P. Rubinstein)