An Evening with Franco Harris:
The Steelers Legend Remembers George A. Romero


George  Romero’s ties to the Steel City go deep. In the 1970s when he was in the filmmaking wilderness, Romero produced and directed a series of documentaries about sports figures, broadcast around the country in various markets after Monday Night Football. Those docs included subjects like O.J. Simpson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and all of them are fascinating, but the ones that resonate most deeply in 2019 are the ones about Pittsburgh. When dealing with figures like wrestler Bruno Sammartino, Pirates legend Willie Stargell, and Steelers heroes like Terry Bradshaw, Rocky Bleier, the notorious “Steel Curtain,” and, of course, Franco Harris, Romero and his collaborators pay tribute to the city they love, and paint remarkably vivid, lasting portraits of Pittsburgh in the 1970s. The creative renaissance that Romero was about to undergo in the late 1970s was undoubtedly shaped and inspired by this renewed sense of Pittsburgh as a place and a community that comes through so clearly in his sports documentaries.

 His first Pittsburgh documentary was Franco Harris: Good Luck on Sunday, a loving, insightful tribute to the Steelers star, and it kicked off a lifelong friendship and collaboration – one that included some tantalizing unrealized projects like a Romero-Harris bigfoot movie! This special event will pay tribute to Romero and Harris, with clips from documentaries about the two of them, and a moderated discussion with the legendary Franco in person about Romero and their work together.

“If there is a similarity between what was going on with the Steelers at that time and what was going on with us, it’s about perseverance. Whatever that quality is of never say die, seemingly against all odds.” – George A. Romero