Interviews and Media Coverage

From directing the cult classic film, Night of the Living Dead, to writing the acclaimed book, The Little World of Humongo Bongo, George participated in hundreds of interviews throughout his career. Members of the GARF team have been combing through electronic and print media to collect as many of George’s interviews as possible. As the GARF obtains permission to share the interviews, they will be posted on the site. The GARF will also post reflections from many of the GARF’s team and media coverage from its events and activities. Enjoy!

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RomeroLives! press conference on October 3, 2018. Published by City Channel Pittsburgh

George A. Romero Tribute interview with Suzanne Desrocher. Night of the Living Dead 50th anniversary exclusive! Dawn of the Dead celebrates 40 years! Also, Martin, Season of the Witch, The Crazies, and more! Host: Greg Gilbert (Python Hyena) Pictures used with permission by Suzanne Desrocher
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Media Coverage