Legacy of George A. Romero


The George A. Romero Archive

The GARF is currently working to preserve numerous items from George's storied career, including draft scripts, correspondence, and audio recordings never before accessible to the public. The collection will be available through the site’s archive and, eventually, in museum exhibits throughout the world. 

Romero Interview.jpg

Interviews with George A. Romero

From directing the cult classic film, Night of the Living Dead, to writing the acclaimed book, The Little World of Humongo Bongo, George participated in hundreds of interviews throughout his career. The GARF interns and volunteers have been combing through electronic and print media to collect as many of George’s interviews as possible. Check back soon to see the first wave of these interviews.


George A. Romero's Body of Work

Although primarily known for his work in the horror genre, George's interests and influences spanned the full spectrum of film. The GARF is currently working to restore The Amusement Park, an early George A. Romero film that is not in the horror genre. Additionally, the GARF team is working to uncover other pieces of George's early work in the hope that the results may be restored and become accessible to the public for the first time. 


The Godfather of Zombies

George's work has often been cited as a influence for modern filmmakers working in the horror genre. When the GARF team began compiling a list of people who have credited George and his works as an influence, the number was astounding. The GARF team hopes that noting these individuals and their tremendous contributions to the genre will not only honor George and his legacy, but also underscore their own accomplishments.