Remembering George

Today is an anniversary. Like all anniversaries, the day itself provides an opportunity to reflect on the previous year. It is a chance to cherish memories, but also to begin tomorrow anew with aspirations and hope.

Two years ago, the world lost a legend. I lost the man I loved, and although I knew how important he was to the film community, I could not have imagined the strong and continued support two years after his passing. It is humbling and empowering to know that you have kept him in your thoughts as I have in mine. Today, I will share a quiet afternoon with him, and I hope that you will remember him in your own way.

As I reflect on the last year, I am invigorated by what we have accomplished. What we have built together in our Foundation will give George the ability to speak and influence for years to come. Although the Foundation is still young and fragile, you provide the strength and spirit to ensure that we accomplish everything George would would have wanted: preserving the legacy of independent filmmaking, finding the next generation of influencers, and having the vision to create the seemingly impossible. So with these goals in mind, I’ll forge into the year ahead with the knowledge that George and all of you are with us.

Stay scared, friends. See you soon.


Jeff Whitehead