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Romero Lives Film Series: The Crazies

  • Regent Square Theater (map)

October 11, 2019, 9:00pm, Regent Square Theater
The Crazies
The Romero Lives Film Series presents: A Celebration of Pittsburgh’s Horror Master, George A. Romero

A military accident unleashes a manmade virus on Evans City, and it’s causing everyone in the town to become homicidal. A small group of locals try to make their way out to the countryside as the military descends on the town and enforces a quarantine. The government grows increasingly desperate to contain the threat, but chaos threatens to overtake the city, and the seemingly heroic locals attempting to escape might spread the virus beyond Western Pennsylvania. Dumped by its distributor, The Crazies was initially a failure at the box office. But the film slowly gained a cult following as it became available through home video releases. It’s now widely regarded as one of Romero’s most important early films, and a breathtakingly fierce entry in his ongoing project of using the horror genre to make pointed sociopolitical critiques: an innocent population victimized by a government too incompetent to fix its own messes. Co-starring horror icon Lynn Lowry (Shivers). “Perhaps the horror maestro’s most provocative evocation of his great theme: the collapse of social order.” -The Los Angeles Times