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Romero Lives Film Series: Creepshow (featuring an appearance by Christine Romero)

  • Regent Square Theater (map)

October 18, 2019, 7:00pm, Regent Square Theater
Creepshow - Introduced by actress Christine Romero
The Romero Lives Film Series Presents: A Celebration of Pittsburgh’s Horror Master, George A. Romero

The first of Romero’s collaborations with Stephen King to make it to the screen, Creepshow is an almost impossibly fun collection of stories inspired by the gleefully excessive horror comics that shaped (and warped) both of their childhoods. The most purely, ridiculously enjoyable film of either horror master’s career, Creepshow throws out yarns about angry corpses, men turning into plants, monsters, madness, and lots of revenge. Its Pittsburgh-based horrors give us a whirlwind portrait of the city in 1982, from the Monroeville suburbs to downtown high rises to Amberson Hall at Romero’s alma mater of CMU and his own Squirrel Hill home. With an all-star cast including Pittsburgh legends Tom Atkins, Christine Forrest Romero, Fritz Weaver, and Ted Danson, Ed Harris, Adrienne Barbeau, Leslie Nielsen, Gaylen Ross, Hal Holbrook, and King himself, not to mention the appearance of a very young Joe Hill.