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Romero Lives Film Series: Dark Half

  • Regent Square Theater (map)

October 17, 2019, 7:00pm, Regent Square Theater
Dark Half - Introduced by Art Department Coordinator Andy Sands and the University of Pittsburgh Library System’s Ben Rubin
The Romero Lives Film Series Presents: A Celebration of Pittsburgh’s Horror Master, George A. Romero

Romero had long been Stephen King’s favorite collaborator, and they consistently sought ways to work together from even before Creepshow into the 21st century, including scores of unrealized adaptations and collaborations. Filmed in and around a Pittsburgh masquerading as King’s small-town Maine, The Dark Half sees both masters of horror firing on all cylinders with a story of a literary superstar haunted by his alter-ego doppelganger. Thad Beaumont writes respectable highbrow fiction but uses a pen name of George Stark to write books that actually sell: murder mysteries, thrillers. And then someone claiming to be Stark, and looking just like him, shows up, looking for trouble. This screening will be introduced by Pitt Library’s Horror Studies Collection Coordinator Ben Rubin, who will discuss the numerous Romero-King projects to be found in Pitt’s newly acquired George A. Romero Archive.