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Romero Lives Film Series: Knightriders (featuring an appearance by Christine Romero and Tom Dubensky)

  • Regent Square Theater (map)

October 19, 2019, 7:00pm, Regent Square Theater
Knightriders - Introduced by actress Christine Romero and Tom Dubensky
The Romero Lives Film Series Presents: A Celebration of Pittsburgh’s Horror Master, George A. Romero

An incredibly personal film for Romero, Knightriders transposes Arthurian legends to the present-day, following a troupe of Renaissance Faire motorcycle jousters led by a young Ed Harris as “King Billy.” Gorgeous, touching, and strange, Knightriders is a powerfully surreal cri de coeur about the difficulties of artistic and philosophical independence. Harris, in his first starring role, brings an extraordinary gravitas to this story of biker Knights of the Round Table trying to stay together and do what they love in the face of hostile police and an emerging corporate threat, not to mention a charismatic but self-destructive leader whose stubbornness is tearing them apart.  “Romero’s most curious and beautiful film. Brilliant.” – The Dissolve