George A. Romero Filmmaking Program Scholarships

George A. Romero Filmmaking Program Scholarships

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Help deserving students attend the George A. Romero Film Program at the Douglas Education Center

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In 2016, George A. Romero, the famed director of Night of the Living Dead, joined Douglas Education Center (DEC) to re-launch its filmmaking program at the Monessen career school.  George A. Romero, who made his mark in the movie industry by bringing zombies to “life” on the silver screen a half century ago, will develop future generations of filmmakers as the signator of the George A. Romero’s Filmmaking Program. Click here to learn more about the program.

The George A. Romero Foundation is proud to help raise funding for scholarships for student who wish to attend. Your contribution matters! The GARF will provide scholarships to deserving students in $500 and $1000 increments.